For 7th to 9th grade girls

This program gives our participants the opportunity to investigate specific topics in depth. Participants can choose one or both topics, to meet four or eight times per semester on School of Mines campus.

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2020 Spring Session

Girls can join us for exploration in EITHER Robotics or GIS, or BOTH!


Course Description: Robotics technology impacts almost every aspect of our lives. From homes and cars to hospitals and factories, our world today has been transformed by robots. As more advanced technology continues to be developed, it's valuable to understand how they work. We will introduce robotics through a multi-week program that will lead participants through the building and programming of mBots, with exciting activities each week! No programming experience is necessary.

Course Instructors:

Grace is a sophomore at Mines studying general CS right now but thinking about taking the CS + Data Science track. She became interested in CS a few years ago through Girls Who Code, and has found that she really likes being in the classroom and helping other people learn about CS. Grace is from Austin, and really loves backpacking and being outdoors!

Lucy is a junior in Computer Science and Engineering Physics. This is her third year working with Dectech. She loves this job because it allows for her to share her passion for STEM with young girls and inspire them to change the future! Outside of school and work, she loves hiking, climbing, and kayaking.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Course Description: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computer systems used for capturing, storing, verifying, and displaying data related to positions on Earth's surface. GIS has thousands of applications, from city planning, to looking at animal migratory patterns, to studying glacial movement and retreat in the North Pole. Most people have probably used Google Maps at some point to get from one place to another; this would not be possible without GIS! In this session we will learn more about this extremely powerful field and its endless applications. Using various GIS mapping software, such as ArcMap, we will apply our knowledge and creativity to develop informational maps to display data about a topic of our choosing!

Course Instructor:

Photo of Emily, one of the Enviromental Engineering instructorsEmily is a senior studying environmental engineering with a minor in humanitarian engineering. She has worked for DECtech for a year and loves meeting all the intelligent and interesting girls who participate in the program. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and admiring dogs from afar.

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