DECtech in Action

Summer Mining Engineering Camp

Colorado School of Mines was in its original state a school for Mining Engineering, and still is in some ways, which meant that it had an educational mine in the form of Edgar Mine. Most of the time, this mine was used by the students of Mines, but during the camp, DECtech was happy to provide a look into the world of Mining Engineering. This included a tour of Edgar Mine, discussions of mine safety and rescue, applications of technology within mines, and the math and physics behind how these sites worked.

Summer Sensor System Camp

2021 Camp that focused on teaching students how to use and code arduinos!

Summer 2020

Our 7th-10th grade virtual Computer Science camp uses a programming language called Bootstrap to create some cool country flags. Take a look at the flags created in our June camp!

DECtech and Mines Women Community Alliance

DECtech and Mines Women Community Alliance (W-MCA) are partnering to provide free one hour STEM sessions via Zoom to children of Mines staff members. On July 6th, our 3rd/4th grade group discussed how STEM can be used to help animals. We emphasized using AI, robotics, data science, and prosthetics to improve the lives of animals. Participants got the chance to be an engineer by designing and creating their own animal habitat! Check out this 3rd grade participant's snake habitat:

Child's craft project of a snake habitat with paper grass, a pond, a tree, and a sign saying 'SNAKES'.

Summer 2018

This summer, our EXPLORE camp participants created some cool websites. Click on the usernames bellow to check them out!