Registration for the DECTech Fall 2023 Session is now open!

DECtech is a Colorado School of Mines outreach program designed especially for students! Program leaders are Mines students who are both passionate about their subjects of study and sharing this passion with the next generation. Our mission is to engage students in STEM by introducing them to various subjects with an interactive, engaging, and hands-on approach!

A student's snail with LED lights
A student's snail with LED lights
Student making binary bracelets!
A DECtech student having fun with coding!
A student and an instructor celebrating their hard work
A student using hot glue for their project
A student and an instructor debugging some code
Two proud students and their instructor
A student putting together their project
A group of DECtech students preparing for a project
An instructor helping a student assemble their project
An instructor teaching the class about computer science

Fall 2023 Session*

Each camp offered is split into the following age groups:

  • 3rd & 4th graders
  • 5th & 6th graders
  • 7th - 10th graders
  • We are willing to make accomodations if your child isn't in 3rd-10th grade. However, the curriculum is created to cater towards these age groups.

    Space Out!

    October 9th - November 16th

    3rd - 4th grade:

    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: Students participate on the day of the week that works best for them

    4:30-5:45 PM

    5th - 6th grade:

    Monday, Thursday: Students participate on the day of the week that works best for them

    4:45-6:00 PM

    7th - 10th grade:

    Monday, Tuesday: Students participate on the day of the week that works best for them

    5:00-6:15 PM

    Session Description: This fall we will SPACE OUT! in DECTech after-school classes. All students will explore different aspects of science, mathematics, engineering, and computer science related to the theme of Space. Sample activities will address different aspects of astronomy (e.g., labs to explore light and telescopes); chemistry (fuel and rocketry); space geology and hydrology (on Mars!); robotic engineering (on the Moon!); computer programming with sensor systems and robots in outer spaceā€¦All students will build, test, and explore with age-appropriate hands-on labs.

    Pricing: $75

    *Disclaimer: All camp curricula is subject to change as we refine and revise the lesson plans.

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