Registration for DECTech Summer 2023 Sessions are now open!

DECtech is a Colorado School of Mines outreach program designed especially for girls! Program leaders are female Mines students who are both passionate about their subjects of study and sharing this passion with the next generation. Our mission is to engage girls in STEM by introducing them to various subjects with an interactive, engaging, and hands-on approach!

A student's snail with LED lights
A student's snail with LED lights
Student making binary bracelets!
A DECtech student having fun with coding!
A student and an instructor celebrating their hard work
A student using hot glue for their project
A student and an instructor debugging some code
Two proud students and their instructor
A student putting together their project
A group of DECtech students preparing for a project
An instructor helping a student assemble their project
An instructor teaching the class about computer science

Summer 2023 Camps*

Each camp offered is split into the following age groups:

  • 4th & 5th graders
  • 6th & 7th graders
  • 8th - 10th graders
  • We are willing to make accomodations if your child isn't in 4th-10th grade. However, the curriculum is created to cater towards these age groups.

    Edgar Mine

    June 12 - 15 & July 10 - 13

    Camp Description: Colorado School of Mines was in it’s original state a school for Mining Engineering, and still is in some ways which means that we have an educational mine in the form of Edgar Mine. Most of the time this mine is used by the students of Mines but during this camp we are happy to provide a look into the world of Mining Engineering. This will include a tour of Edgar Mine, discussions of mine safety and rescue, applications of technology within mines, and the math and physics behind how these sites work.

    Time: 9 AM - 3 PM: Monday - Thursday

    Pricing: $450


    June 19 - 22 & July 17 - 20

    Camp Description: E-Sports is a growing activity in schools across the country. This includes groups of students playing a variety of video games as a team competing against other schools and teams. As an introduction into the world of E-Sports we want to present students with an opportunity to grow acquainted with one of the more common games played by school teams, Rocket Leauge. Not only will this summer camp provide students with time to play the game, but also learn skills such as teamwork, collaboration, and we will be taking a deeper look into the development of games such as these.

    Time: 9 AM - 3 PM: Monday - Thursday

    Pricing: $400

    Game Development

    June 26 - 29 & July 24 - 27

    Camp Description: Video games are just one of many applications of Computer Science that can be seen in our world. However, video games are one of the most tangible examples, especially for children. The goal of this camp is to introduce the students to Computer Science and the principles used in industry through the lens of video game development. Python is a simpler text-based programming language that is a good starting language for beginners and a powerful language for execution of projects such as video games.

    Time: 9 AM - 3 PM: Monday - Thursday

    Pricing: $400

    *Disclaimer: All camp curricula is subject to change as we refine and revise the lesson plans.

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