Registration for DECTech Fall Sessions for fall 2022 are CLOSED

DECtech is a Colorado School of Mines outreach program designed especially for girls! Program leaders are female Mines students who are both passionate about their subjects of study and sharing this passion with the next generation. Our mission is to engage girls in STEM by introducing them to various subjects with an interactive, engaging, and hands-on approach!

A student's snail with LED lights
A student's snail with LED lights
Student making binary bracelets!
A DECtech student having fun with coding!
A student and an instructor celebrating their hard work
A student using hot glue for their project
A student and an instructor debugging some code
Two proud students and their instructor
A student putting together their project
A group of DECtech students preparing for a project
An instructor helping a student assemble their project
An instructor teaching the class about computer science

Fall 2022 Camps*

October 24 - November 17

No Class on Halloween(Monday 10/31), FRIDAY 11/4 instead at same time CAMP REGISTRATION CLOSED

K-12 students are the inventors, engineers, designers, and programmers of the future who will be challenged with problems that do not exist today. The fall 2022 DECtech sessions will expose students to current topics, skills, and knowledge in classrooms led by Mines undergraduates. Through fun hands on activities, unplugged activities, outdoor exploration, STEM labs, and computer applications, we will do our best to inspire, encourage, and stimulate your student's creativity and innate intelligence.




3/4: Monday(Virtual), Tuesday FULL, Wednesday, Thursday 4:30-5:45

5/6: Monday(Virtual), Wednesday, Thursday 4:45-6:00

This Fall 2022 session, girls will be immersed in a world of crystals. They will learn about crystal formations and geometry and the use of crystals in engineering. Students will do several projects including making crystals and kaleidoscopes.


Grades 7-10 camps FULL

7-10: Tuesday 5:00-6:15

In this DecTech session, girls will learn about the chemistry composition, industry uses of, and geometry present in crystals. They will also use and modify a program that incorporates all that they've learned in the previous weeks.


Grades 9-12 camps FULL

9/12: Wednesdays 5:00-6:15

In this session, girls will explore the world of engineering through the lens of crystals. By the end they will have an idea of the influence crystals have and inspiration for their future.

*Disclaimer: All camp curricula is subject to change as we refine and revise the lesson plans.

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